Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right person. For you.

Unless you met your soulmate in kindergarten, or married your high school sweetheart, finding that special someone takes a whole lot of time, energy, effort and let’s not forget, cash money. Dating can seem like a never ending, bumpy carousel of searching, planning, and meeting -- essentially leading to a draining of personal resources.

At Cool With It™, our goal is to smooth out that bumpy carousel ride and make getting together easy, more enjoyable and rewarding. Cool With It lists local restaurants, events, bars, and other types of venues nearby to help provide members with new and fresh date ideas that are convenient and fun.

Do you ever post to Facebook? 

No.  Cool With It™ will never post anything to your Facebook page. 

What’s with the Credits? How do I use them?

Connect with members: Credits are used to contact other members you are interested in.  See someone you would like to get to know? Send them a friend request for 1 Credit. If they accept your friend request, it will cost them 1 Credit as well.  Then you are both free to message each other unlimitedly. 

Linc up!  Use your Credits to get together. Just check your Linc Up™ offers for local venues in your area where Cool With It™ members receive discounts or complimentary items and services such as: Appetizers, Beverages and discounted or free admission to select events. 

Browse Privately and View Photos: Use your Credits to browse incognito, as well as, view your connections private photos.  These are photos they might not want to share with everyone, so it is just limited to their Connections.

How do I earn Credits? Will I ever have to pay anything? 

No.  We will never ask for your credit card.   We designed this site to allow you to earn Credits for being honest, taking surveys from brands you like, or referring a friend for example.  We also give you 20 Credits a month, every month.   This helps us to pay for the costs of running this site, and allows our sponsors to offer you special offers for Linc Ups™ you can redeem with your accumulated Credits.

How does the Honesty Feedback Ratings work?

Members are rewarded with Credits for taking our standard 3 question survey on members they have met through Cool With It™.  The survey consists of 3 multiple choice questions.  Members are asked to review how honest the other member was in their description of themselves prior to meeting, based upon three basic categories:

·                 Their Physical Appearance

·                 Their Personal Story

·                 Their Relationship Status

Members who take the survey are rewarded with 5 Credits.  Only positive reviews will be displayed on the other members’ profile in the form of a number.  One positive review = 1 Honesty Survey. Members who receive a positive review will be alerted and will earn 5 Credits as well, for keeping it honest.

Why can I login through Facebook?

All Cool With It™ users have the option to sign in with their Facebook account to help validate their identity.  We think that this makes dating a bit more honest and helps prove you actually exist. 

Are you going to post anything on my timeline?

No, we will never post to your timeline. Facebook may display that you’ve downloaded the app, but you can prevent this by changing the visibility settings to “Only Me” in the app center preferences.

Is my activity within Cool With It™ private?

We let you know when someone has checked out your profile and sent you a friend request.  Other than that you are notified when a member has sent you a message, sent you a Linc Up invite, or has used Credits to view your private pictures.  (Only connections can view your private photos or message you.) 

What do you do with my information?

All information provided to Cool With It™ through Facebook (including your photos and email address) are never sold or distributed to any third parties. We only use information you give us exclusively to make your experience on Cool With It™ better.   For example, to notify you when certain brands are interested in talking with you in exchange for free Credits.  You can disconnect Cool With It™ from your Facebook account at any time, and we will immediately delete all your personal information.

Why do you ask for access to my email address?

We need your email to send you information on special date night offers you may redeem from the local businesses and restaurants we work with to help making getting together a bit easier.

Why do you ask for access to my pictures?

So, members can see who you are ;)

What about the rest of my info?

Your work history, education history, likes etc. are used when we introduce you to someone new. The more information we have, the better introduction we can make, and the easier it is to get the conversation started.

Can I permanently remove my information and delete my account?

Of course. Send us an email us at with headline: "Deactivate Account."  To uninstall Cool With It™ from facebook:"tab=applications from a desktop computer (will not work from mobile device) and remove the app from the list. Then, on your phone, delete the app icon as you normally would. Please note, if you choose to reinstall Cool With It™ later, you will be starting fresh.